Eligibility Criteria

  • Youth in DHHR Custody
  • Unless otherwise approved, youth must have Medicaid coverage or other third-party payer.
  • Youth identified past their 18th birthday that are not in State's custody and without fiscal resources are not excluded from this program but must be qualified by Stepping Stones & WV Office of Behavioral Health Services (OBHS) to access the necessary resources to cover the costs of the program and assure independence. Stepping Stones will staff these youth on a case by case basis with OBHS representatives.
  • Youth returning from Out-of-State placements who have demonstrated treatment completion and who are invested in achieving independence will be given priority.
  • We accept Male and Female Youth/Young Adults ages 16 - 21 years of age in the following Programs as indicated:
    • Residential Treatment with a focus on preparation for transition to adulthood. Youth/Young Adults must be 16-20 at intake (male and female)
    • Supported Independent Living providing support, crisis intervention and transition coaching to young adults in their own living situation of their choice. Young adults must be ages 18-20 at intake (male and female)
    • Child Placing in Modify/Chafee Supported Housing - 12 slots for male or female
  • Youth will have a Mental Health Diagnosis and be capable of Self-Medicating (under supervision) and Self-Preservation.


  • Residential Treatment with focus on transition to adulthood= 5 beds – male and female
  • Supported Independent Living/Transition Coaching = Unlimited slots for male or female

Disqualifying Conditions for the Youth Transitioning Program at Intake:

  • Is a Safety threat/concern to self, others, the community
  • Youth has not demonstrated treatment gain in prior placement(s)
  • Has youth engaged in criminal activity that necessitates detention/correction services
  • Youth requires a level of supervision that exceeds that provided by the Program
  • Youth does not meet eligibility criteria as established by the Program Eligibility Criteria

If youth is denied the Youth Transitioning Program Services, all efforts will be made to provide the Referent with alternative placement and/or service linkages.

Post on the WV DHHR APR System (if referring to Phase I)
Fax, Phone or Mail for Phase II and III:
Phone/fax/mail referral to Stepping Stones, Inc.
Phone: 304/429-2297
Fax: 304/429-8365
Address: PO Box 539
Lavalette, WV 25535

REQUIRED REFERRAL INFORMATION - In addition to the DHHR Referral Form

  • Reason for Out-of-Home Care Referral
  • Placement History
  • Current/last placement Discharge Information
  • CAPS (if applicable)
  • Medication Information
  • Current Psychological/Psychiatric
  • Custody/Court Records
  • Placement Treatment Plan updates/reviews
  • Community-Based Service History
  • Educational/IEP Records


  • Current Specialized Assessments
  • Safety or Relapse Prevention Plans
  • Individual/Group Counseling Summary


  • Release to contact primary staff of current Provider (In-State or Out-of-State provider).
  • Release to contact the anticipated School system to expedite youth's school placement.
  • Release to share information with collaborating agencies (as applicable)

If youth is denied the Youth Transitioning Program Services, all efforts will be made to provide the Referent with alternative placement and/or service linkages.