Program Phases

It's My Move works with youth ages 16 - 21 years and offers a unique opportunity for youth to gain the skills needed to live independently through social and adaptive living skills training in a supportive atmosphere. Programs offer experiential hands-on learning opportunities, identification of natural supports & community based services and linkages to progressive educational and employment programs in the service rich southwestern area of Wayne, Cabell and Putnam Counties.

Residential Treatment With Focus on Transition to Adulthood
The It's My Move Transition to Adulthood Program is a minimally structured residential treatment program to prepare youth for supported transitional living. The Program is developed to assist youth who are not entirely ready to live in their own apartment, but who do not necessarily need all of the structure of a traditional residential treatment program. Each youth must be responsible to take care of their responsibilities with little prompting, responding appropriately to the normalized treatment expectations and be participatory in the experiential life-skills environment. This program is most appropriate for youth transitioning from out of state placement, Division of Juvenile Services placement, Residential Level II & III, inpatient, etc.

Supported Independent Living/Transition Coaching
Supported Independent Living and Transition Coaching is the final phase in the It's My Move Program continuum. Youth live in the community in their own chosen living situation (dorm, own apartment, Modify funded living situation, caring adult, etc.) The It's My Move Transition Coach will work with the young adult to tailor the level of support the young adult wants and needs to support their journey to independence in this phase of our continuum. This phase provides transition coaching, life skills, financial literacy training and is available to the young adult 24/7 for emergencies.