It's My Move Youth Council

"I need support and someone to help me. I am hoping to start college this fall. I want to work with children that are in the same situation that I was in."

"I can't complain, they took me in when I didn't have any place to go and I am thankful that they did. I am thankful my mom wanted me to come here. She wanted what is best for me and for me to learn how to live on my own."

"When it all started out, I was a seventeen year old boy in a level 2 step down program from a level 3. My 18th birthday was less than two months away and I was looking for an independent living program close to my family. I have feared living on my own for years and still do."

"I've always been told that I would never make anything of myself I came into an Independent Living Program because I had no place to go. I had made some mistakes in the past and I have learned not to make the same mistakes twice. I needed support and someone to help me. I was aging out of most of the programs for teenagers. I want to show other youth that you can do whatever you set your mind to. Trust me; I've done it so I know it's possible."

Members of the Youth Action Council are participants in the It's My Move program. They are not just active recipients of services they also help to form the project's structure and branding. From advertising on logo development and website content, to giving community presentations, these young adults are involved in the planning and design of a program. When given this opportunity they frequently exhibit higher levels of responsible behavior, problem solving and conflict resolution. They have the opportunity to exercise leadership skills.